A small Town Christmas

Craft Fair & Open House at Seton Center

Saturday, Nov 27, 2021

9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

Seton Center Christmas Craft Fair Nov 27, 2021

Boopers Homemade Crafts

Brinders Crafts (religious and wreaths)

Sk Smith designs

EOPCC Bake Sale and Crafts

VMY Bake Sale

Rose Barlet Crafts

Rekindle Vintage

Susan Little Crafts

Nancy Smith Crafts

Lander Quilts

Weigman Crafts

Heidi Martin Crafts

Author James Rada

DJ Ewok 

Plus Letters to Santa and Great Deals in the Store!

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Avoid the craziness of Black Friday

You'll Be Supporting Our Local Artists & Businesses

No Shipping Fees

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VENDOR Opportunity

Share Your Wares

Only handmade artisans & crafters please – no direct sale, MLM, or resale businesses.

$10 per spot includes 6-ft table, 2 chairs, and Wi-Fi. Limited additional display space may be available upon prior arrangement. Please indicate if you require electrical outlets for your items. Space is limited inside, therefore we must cap the number of crafters per category (e.g., jewelry, hand-knit items, etc.) at TWO per category. First-paid, first-confirmed basis. Applications and payment must be received no later than November 13, 2021.