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These are unprecedented times. The current public health crisis has forced so many of our neighbors out of employment and has highlighted the deficiencies in our society’s ability to support one another.

Seton Center has always been a safety net for the more than 60% of our Northern Frederick County neighbors who live in poverty. But now, we must provide a ladder for those whose lives have been adversely affected due to the Covid-19 crisis.

We continue to respond to requests for dental, rent, utility, medical, and food assistance. We have also expanded our services to include assistance with any pandemic-related expenses, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please use the form below to make your request.


In light of current social distancing measures, Seton Center Outreach has developed a new way to continue our mission of working with our neighbors requiring services. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, we ask you to please complete the form below and submit as your request for assistance. One of our Intake/Case Managers will respond via email. Be sure to gather the required documentation listed below.

We ask that you please correspond via email and the internet, as outreach staff is unavailable to answer phone calls in a timely manner in the office.

A budget assessment is required. Please list your MONTHLY income for the following sources. Type "0" if it is not applicable. Do NOT use $, only numers and decimals:

Please list your MONTHLY expenses for the following categories. Type "0" if it is not applicable. Do NOT use $, only numbers and decimals:

The following is a list of documentation required to process your request for assistance:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Income (if applicable)
  • Bill requesting assistance with
  • Proof of other expenses

Once contacted by one of our Case Managers, please email scanned copies of these items to them. You may also take a photo with your phone and email that to them.