Knowledge is Key to Financial Stability

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Homelessness is growing all over the country. Did you know that your chances of becoming homeless are roughly 1 in 25 if you live at our below the poverty line? Other factors can also put you at risk, such as health problems or domestic violence. Many of us may only be a paycheck away from having a roof over our heads or sleeping at a shelter.

At Seton Center, clients often visit us with eviction notices in-hand. And we are always ready to help if we can! But waiting until the last minute can almost guarantee becoming homeless. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you before your situation becomes critical.

Sometimes, it may seem that nothing is happening to help our homeless neighbors. But there is assistance available. The federal government, the State of Maryland, and Frederick County have many resources open to all.

How can you can find the help you need? The Federal Reserve, the FDIC, the Maryland CASH Campaign, the Frederick Coalition for Financial Success, and the Cooperative Extension of the University of Maryland are just a few of the organizations that stand ready to help everyone learn about the financial resources available. Because knowledge is power and it’s the key to long-term financial stability.

We strongly encourage our neighbors struggling to pay rent to call and make an appointment with our staff to discuss the situation–BEFORE the eviction notice is issued. Caring for the situation before it gets out of control can ease minds and bring about successful results.